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The Crew

Zubair Essack
Zubair Essack
director/vape expert
Ashraf Hayder
Ashraf Hayder
assistant/vape expert
Kyle Do Couto
Kyle Do Couto
reavers owner/vape expert

Who Are We?

Company Bio

VapeTronix/Hi-Tech Trading Pty (Ltd) since 2010

In-Store Experience

With years of hard work and motivation, we represent a symbol of dedication.

Our Niche

Unbeatable in store service & home brewed E-Liquids.

Our Promise

Providing you with the best quality products & customer service.

the benefits

Vaping vs Smoking


No Bad Smell

Replace your cigarette smell with the smell of fresh fruits and baked goods.

Helps Quit Smoking

Helps soothe the tobacco addiction with a range of pleasant flavors.

No Dirty Ashtrays

Less of a mess, no dirty, unwanted byproducts.

More Cost Effective

A life changing investment that will pay off in the log run

A Lot of Liquid Flavors

A flavor for every moment, no matter your taste.

No Cigarette Burns

Now you can avoid ruining the things you value the most.

a very happy client


Hi guys I’ve used VapeTronix DOT DELIVERIES for my new setup. With prior arrangements my Zeus RTA was coiled, wicked and the Battries fully charged on delivery. Thanks for the awesome service VapeTronix & DOT DELIVERY. Well worth it for only R20.00 around the south. Keep it up guys. Well done 👍


Thank you vape tronix for the Kylin tank the clouds and flavors unreal 😍🥺 and this flavor 😍🤤.... Thank you for being so helpful and for setting everything up for me.... Looking forward to seeing you soon to rewick and for more flavors 😍😍😍😍


Thanks Zubz the KYLIN is Insane. Im Loving It....!

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